Workforce Training

Student with equipment

AIM Photonics Academy helps industry professionals from various sectors—researchers, engineers, technician staff, management—to train and master the new emerging standards and methods of integrated photonics, organized around the use of Process Design Kits (PDKs) that are compatible with Multi Project Wafer runs (MPWs).

Workforce training for industry professionals is available in a variety of forms to accommodate their demanding work schedule. We have online course modules and online courses for remote learning, on-site customized training sessions with select AIM Photonics faculty or staff, and our Summer Academy one-week intensive introduction to photonics devices and design principles. 

In addition, we’re cultivating a network of SME companies with specialized electronics or photonics expertise, localized around the I-90 corridor in Massachusetts and New York, to bring them together in new photonics and photonics-adjacent partnerships that build upon on pre-existing competencies by promoting close collaboration.