Workforce Needs Assessment

integrated photonic electro-optic circuits

AIM Photonics integrated photonic electro-optic circuits (designed by RIT Integrated Photonics Group and Precision Optical Transceivers)

2017 Regional Workforce Needs Assessment

AIM Academy released a portfolio of educational and workforce training products based on these insights. Companies are struggling to fill design jobs that require PhDs, as well as testing, quality control, and design jobs that require a community college or college degree. To respond to that need, the AIM Academy committed significant resources to these areas.

In the spring of 2018, the academy conducted an even more thorough analysis of the industry, this time breaking out its results by region. This regional focus allows educational institutions to align their skills training with the demands of local companies eager to hire their graduates.

You can download the 2017 Regional Workforce Needs Assessment report below.

2016 National Workforce Needs Assessment

To meet the needs of the emerging manufacturing integrated photonics industry, AIM Academy talked to and surveyed more than 100 stakeholders in the field, including industry, academia, and the military. The stakeholders ranged from human resource managers to executives in integrated photonics. The authors of the 2016 Needs Assessment Report looked at the skills and education levels where the most training is needed in integrated photonics manufacturing to advance the industry.

You can download the executive summary of the 2016 report,  as well as the entire report.

If you have any questions about workforce needs assessment, please contact Julie Diop.