I-90 Corridor


This work is a derivative of "Interstate 90 - Massachusetts" by Doug Kerr/via Flickr.

Join the integrated photonics corridor and discover new manufacturing opportunities.

The Workforce and AIM Academy are working closely with the state of Massachusetts to build a base in integrated manufacturing along the I-90 interstate highway corridor, running from Boston to Pittsfield and on to Albany and Rochester. This unique partnership between the government, academia, and industry sectors promotes new manufacturing opportunities that bring together various Small to Medium-scale Enterprise companies (SMEs) with diverse, specialized photonics or electronics competencies, to realize collaborations for new products based on application-specific integrated photonics. In addition, such partnerships enable collaborators to optimally learn about and use the AIM Photonics fabrication facility (located at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute in New York state) and participate in Multi-Project Wafer runs (MPWs) to manufacture photonic integrated circuits in small batches at a low operating cost. 

Our mission is to help photonics and photonics-adjacent companies realize new breakthrough programs and products that promote industry growth and spur integrated photonics workforce development in both Massachusetts and New York. The I-90 Corridor partnership is a broad coalition that includes AIM Academy, several community colleges and universities, the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program, Massachusetts state legislators, and Governor Baker’s office. 

If you are interested in learning more and participating in our future networking and fact-finding activities, please contact Julie Diop at jdiop@mit.edu