Sensor Webinar

Presenters: Anu Agarwal (MIT) and Ben Miller (U Rochester)

This talk will present a progress report on the development of a roadmap for Integrated Photonic Sensors Manufacturing. 

Presenter: William Green (IBM)

This talk will review the development and performance of a cost-eflective silicon photonic trace gas sensing platform, which leverages silicon photonic waveguide and packaging technologies to perform on-chip evanescent field spectroscopy of methane. 

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Spring 2017 AIM Photonics Roadmap Meeting

Charlie Fine
 Circuit board

This work is a derivative of "Electronics" by Mark Eslick/via Flickr.

MIT Sloan School of Management Professor Charlie Fine gave a presentation at the spring 2017 AIM Photonics meeting titled, "Electronics Supply Chain: Volatility and Opportunity." 

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