Grand Challenges & Key Needs for 2018, 12/21/17
Lionel Kimerling

Photo: Richard Morgan

Presenter: Lionel Kimerling, Executive, AIM Photonics Academy

Dr. Lionel C. Kimerling discusses the grand challenges and key needs for commercially viable, high-volume manufacturing of photonic-enabled functionality. 

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Assembly Webinar, 8/24/17
WDM filters

WDM filters

Presenter: Dick Otte (Promex)

This webinar addresses the findings of the IPSR Assembly Technology Working Group (TWG), starting with assembly related design needs andincluding assembly processes (e.g., semiconductor wafer backgrinding, wafer singulation, die attach processes, etc.) 

You can the find slides here.

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Roadmap Sensor Webinar, 8/10/17

Presenters: Anu Agarwal (MIT) and Ben Miller (U Rochester)

This talk will present a progress report on the development of a roadmap for Integrated Photonic Sensors Manufacturing. 

Presenter: William Green (IBM)

This talk will review the development and performance of a cost-eflective silicon photonic trace gas sensing platform, which leverages silicon photonic waveguide and packaging technologies to perform on-chip evanescent field spectroscopy of methane. 

You can find Ben Miller's presentation here, and Will Green's here.

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Spring 2017 AIM Photonics Roadmap Meeting

Charlie Fine
 Circuit board

This work is a derivative of "Electronics" by Mark Eslick/via Flickr.

MIT Sloan School of Management Professor Charlie Fine gave a presentation at the spring 2017 AIM Photonics meeting titled, "Electronics Supply Chain: Volatility and Opportunity." 

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