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Felice Frankel, MIT

The semiconductor industry is in a mature manufacturing phase, exploring the application limits of microelectronics and innovative new designs for the microchip. To move a $350 billion semiconductor industry established for microelectronics towards disruptive new photonics applications requires careful coordination among hundreds of companies and the re-envisioning of a novel supply chain to link them. The roadmap provides the definitive path for establishing manufacturing standards and a worldwide consensus on best practices for industry to adopt.

Close to 1,000 people have participated in the creation of the Roadmap, from 300+ organizations in 17 countries.

You can find the chapters for the newest, Dec. 10, 2020 release of the Roadmap on  Read about the newest release of the Roadmap below.


Download the Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap (IPSR) -International 2020 Overview, the 2017 IPSR, and 2016 executive summary and chapter highlights.  For additional information about the Roadmap, visit the IPSR web site.

Download the January 2019 interim report on Electronics-Photonics 2035: Interconnect White Paper, commissioned by the MIT Microphotonics Center Board.

Below is the schedule of upcoming Roadmap and webinar meetings.


Fall 2020 IPSR Meeting: December 10, online

Roadmap webinars in 2019:


Thursday, December 10:  Electronic-Photonics Integration

–      Grand Challenges and Key Needs for 2020, Lionel Kimerling, MIT 

Roadmap webinars in 2018:


Thursday, December 13:  Electronic-Photonics Integration

–      Grand Challenges and Key Needs for 2019, Lionel Kimerling, MIT 


Thursday, October 18:  Highlights of the World Technology Mapping Forum, Ton Backx, Eindhoven University

(You can download the slides using the below link.)


Roadmap webinars in 2017:

Thursday, June 22:  Packaging

–      Packaging Roadmap Update, Bill Bottoms, 3MTS

–      AIM Photonic Interposer Technology, Doug Coolbaugh, AIM Photonics

Thursday, August 10:  Sensors

(Click here for webinar)

–      Sensor Roadmap Overview, Ben Miller, U of R and Anu Agrawal, MIT

–      Methane Trace-Gas Sensing Enabled by Silicon Photonic Integration, Will Green, IBM

Thursday, August 24: Assembly

(Click here for the webinar)

–      Assembly Roadmap Update, Dick Otte, Promex Industries


Thursday, December 21: Grand Challenges and Key Needs for 2018

(Click here for the webinar)

–      Lionel Kimerling, MIT