AIM Photonics Fab

Integrated photonics, the fabrication of multiple photonics and electronics device components on a wafer substrate, exploits the paradigm of photolithography to fabricate a multitude of devices simultaneously—using a limited set of semiconductor or semiconductor-compatible materials. Until recently, the fabrication of tens or scores of components represented the prototype phase accomplishments of academic, large-scale industrial, and government laboratory research. 

But with the push to produce thousands of photonics and electronics components reliably—in order to realize nanometer-scale size and GHz-scale spectral precision—integrated photonics has matured into a manufacturing phase, characterized by production standards and uniform process flow methodologies. 

At AIM Photonics, these new standards and methodologies are exemplified in the production runs of the most state-of-the-art 300-mm resolution fabrication facility in the world. The AIM Photonics fabrication facility is open to production runs with industry, serving as a for-hire production house to manufacture small-to-medium batch runs of photonic integrated circuits for specific applications. AIM Photonics is committed to supporting the production runs of academics, Small-to-Medium-scale Enterprise companies (SMEs), and large industry players. 

Come learn how AIM Photonics can help you innovate and expand your business portfolio with new, more cost-effective application-specific photonic integrated circuits.