AIM Photonics Technical Meeting: Building an Industry, Part 1

Project Description

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
June 27-28, 2016

AIM Photonics is holding its Spring Meeting in conjunction with the MIT Microphotonics Center. In addition to reviewing the current workforce needs and solutions, speakers will discuss photonics technologies and business strategies moving forward.

AIM Technical Meeting, Spring 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

Time Topic
8:15AM Registration and Light Breakfast (Salons M, I & T)
8:45AM Welcome – Richard Grzybowski, MACOM
8:50AM Meeting Success Factors – Lionel Kimerling, MIT
Technical Session 1: Board Level Optical Interconnection
From the faceplate to the chip: scaling bandwidth density with SM optical interconnection.
Session Chair: Alan Evans, Corning
9:00AM On-Board Interconnect: Implementations and Implications – Terry L. Smith, 3M
9:25AM Data Center Systems – Tom Issenhuth, Microsoft representing COBO
9:50AM On Card Optical Interconnect – Tom Marrapode, Molex
10:40AM Break
10:55AM Substrates – Marika Immoenen, TTM Technologies
11:20AM Chip, Module, and Board Level Integration – Jon DeGroot, Dow Corning Corporatio
11:45AM Summary Discussion
11:50AM Working Together to Build a Workforce in Integrated Photonics Manufacturing – Brian Anthony, MIT; Associate Director, AIM Photonics Academy
12:00PM – 1:30PM Attendee Lunch, AIM Academy Lunch Discussions (Dining Rooms 5 & 6)
12:00PM – 1:30PM Microphotonics Center Industry Consortium Board Meeting and Lunch (Dining Room 4)
Technical Session 2: Integrated Photonics Roadmap
Strategic business and technology roadblocks and targets: $25B revenue with scalable performance/cost for SM signaling and sensing.
Session Chair: Bob Pfahl, INEMI; Roadmap Director, AIM Photonics Academy
1:30PM 100G Datacom: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble – James Kisner, Jeffries
1:55PM Roadmap Focus Report: Manufacturing Challenges and Timelines – Lionel Kimerling, MIT
2:20PM Tutorial: Market Drivers for Automatic Package Design – Taylor Hogan, Cadence
2:45PM Roadmap Workshop Charters – Bill Bottoms, 3MTS
2:55PM Break
3:00PM – 5:00PM Roadmap Workshop (Salons M, I, T and West); Joint breakout meetings of the AIM MCE/KTMAs and Roadmap TWGs
3:00PM – 5:00PM Workforce Needs Focus Groups (Salon East)
5:30PM Networking Reception and Poster Session (Dining Rooms 3 & 4)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Time Topic
8:15AM Registration and Light Breakfast (Salons M, I & T)
8:50AM Lessons Learned – Lionel Kimerling, MIT
Technical Session 3: Integrated Photonics R&D Consortia
International R&D highlights from the leading integrated photonics consortia.
Session Chair: Kazumi Wada, MIT
9:00AM Optical Circuit Switch Interconnect Networks for FutureDatacenter/HPC – Kiyo Ishii, AIST
9:25AM Perspective: Markets and Platforms: R&D Consortia and Silicon Photonics – Graham Reed, University of Southampton
9:50AM Optical Pins for a Low Cost Package Platform – Ichiro Ogura, PETRA
10:15AM AIM Photonics Status and Future Direction – Michael Watts, MIT, AIM-CTO
10:40AM Break
Technical Session 4: Integrated Photonics Tutorials
Principles and technology targets for chip-level photonic integration.
Session Chair: Bill O’Mara, Analog Devices Inc.
11:15AM Monolithic SiPh Front End Implementation – Mark Beals, MIT
11:40AM Photonic Devices for Back End of Line Processes – Jurgen Michel, MIT
12:05PM Principles of Integrated Photonic Sensing – JJ Hu, MIT
12:30PM – 2:00PM Attendee Lunch (Dining Rooms 3 & 4)
Roadmap Reports
Extended reports from Roadmap Workshop breakouts: market trends, technology roadblocks and potential solutions.
Session Chair: Bill Bottoms, 3MTS
2:00PM Monolithic Integration – Lionel Kimerling, MIT
2:15PM Integrated Silicon Photonics Packaging – Bill Bottoms, 3MTS
2:30PM Interconnection – John MacWilliams, US Competitors LLC and Terry Smith, 3M Company
2:45PM Assembly and Test – Dick Otte, Promex
3:00PM Break
3:15PM Electronic Photonic Design Automation – Brett Attaway, SUNY Poly; AIM Photonics Institute
3:30PM Sensors – Ben Miller, Univ. of Rochester
3:45PM Opportunities in Industry and Academia for Collaboration in Integrated Photonics Education and Work Force Development – Brian Anthony, MIT; AIM Photonics Academy
4:00PM Adjorn

Monolithic SiPh Front End Implementation

Photonic Devices for Back End of Line Processes

Principles of Integrated Photonic Sensing

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