Future Leaders

Ryan Kosciolek

MIT Future Leader Ryan Kosciolek at MIT, photo by Denis Paiste, Materials Processing Center, MIT

This program will not run in 2021.

Apply here for openings at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Colorado.  Apply here to come to MIT this summer.

The Future Leaders in Integrated Photonics (FLIP) program trains and provides career development for undergraduate students to promote a future workforce in integrated photonics. The program is focused on recruiting, training and retaining a diverse population of undergraduates to contribute to emerging technologies and innovations within these states. 

FLIP is an 8-week summer program, located at the University of Santa Barbara (UCSB), Rochester Institute of Technology, the University of Colorado, and MIT that will expose a cohort of ten students to research training, career mentoring and professional activities to support their development as scientists and engineers. FLIP offers students a unique opportunity to acquire technical training at the intersection of academic R&D and industrial manufacturing, within a supportive and networked learning environment. 

FLIP will not only engage and support talented undergraduates majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, but it will also enable institutional-industry partnership development to create a more supportive environment that immerses these students in an accessible academic and research culture.

The mission of FLIP is to support the growth of a more well-trained, expansive population of future Masters and PhD science and engineering leaders in integrated photonics. Our goal is to nourish and support a future workforce that will be in growing demand as advances in integrated photonics research and technology continue.

Download the schedule of webinars for the summer of 2017.

Watch videos of Future Leaders Stuart Daudlin and Ryan Kosciolek explaining the work they did at MIT during the summer of 2017.

Future Leader Stuart Daudlin simulates adding a heater to light-filtering ring resonator manufacturing in the lab of Duane Boning, the Clarence J. LeBel Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT.  Learn more about his research here.

Future Leader Ryan Kosciolek creates thin film samples of amorphous germanium for photonic applications and analyzes their optical, electrical, and material properties.  Learn more about his research here.