Felice Frankel, MIT

Photonics technology emerged and flourished in the telecommunications industry, and was characterized from the 1970s-90s as a discretely mated kilometer-scale network of devices and optical components, each manufactured by dedicated vendors. That was then.

Today, a new form of densely integrated photonics is developing at an accelerating rate, taking advantage of lithography and the planar platform of a wafer to manufacture thousands of devices, fabricated by one unique vendor, for targeted applications.

Optical transceivers for ultrahigh communications rates in massive data centers. RF signal processing of microwave signals within an unprecedented micron-scale circuit footprint. High fidelity disposable biosensors. Compact LIDAR imaging arrays. These are four Key Technology Manufacturing Areas that are prompting the emergence of new standards for fabrication of silicon-compatible or indium phosphide-compatible application-specific circuits. 

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