Community Colleges

As photonics manufacturing matures in the pubic/private sector, companies that build photonic integrated circuits or related/adjacent photonics technologies are facing a shortage of skilled workers, and are eager to collaborate with community colleges to train people in the skills that they need, especially in testing photonic integrated circuits.  AIM Photonics Academy can help broker these collaborations, and provide teaching packages for co-designing community college courses, offer technical level training workshops, set up internship programs, and offer introductory photonics courses AIM’s Summer Academy courses.

Partnership with AIM Photonics Academy provides access to additional collaborative opportunities such as participation in calls for proposals; and certification in AIM Academy’s online courses.

Our current community college partners include:

  • Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY
  • Quinsigamond Community College, Worcester, MA
  • Springfield Technical Community College, Springfield, MA

To learn how your community college may collaborate within our growing network and benefit from teaching modules, annual workshops, on-site training, or internships, please contact us.