What is Integrated Photonics?

Integrated photonics is an emerging branch of photonics in which complex photonic circuits process and transmit light signals in ways similar to the computer microchip. In contrast to electricity, photons move at light speed with no interference, allowing many channels of information to be transmitted at once, while dissipating only a fraction of their energy. These advantages lead to information moving across a chip at higher data rates, with less power loss. Breakthrough applications in datacom, RF signal processing, biosensing, and driverless technologies increasingly rely on the functionality of integrated photonics.

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Teaching Packages

tunable delay device

Electro-optically tunable delay device made by the RIT Integrated Photonics Group

Download AIM Photonics Academy teaching packages in integrated photonics.

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Needs Assessment Report

integrated photonic electro-optic circuits

AIM Photonics integrated photonic electro-optic circuits (designed by RIT Integrated Photonics Group and Precision Optical Transceivers)

Download the 2016 Needs Assessment Report to learn about the skills and education levels where the most training is needed in integrated photonics manufacturing to advance the industry.

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Watch Videos

Integrated photonic wafer

Integrated photonic wafer made by the RIT Integrated Photonics Group

Watch videos from our fall and spring AIM Photonics Roadmap meetings.  


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Search for Internships

Entangled bi-photon source

Entangled bi-photon source designed by the RIT Integrated Photonics Group and fabricated by AIM Photonics. Acknowledgements: AFRL, NSF and Precision Optical Transceivers

Browse listings for internship opportunities in integrated photonics.

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Education & Practice Factory

optical testing

Optical testing of an AIM Photonic interposer chip designed by the RIT Integrated Photonics Group

AIM Academy just launched its Education & Practice Factory on MIT’s campus, allowing professors at MIT to incorporate hands-on integrated photonics lessons into their syllabi, and for companies to work directly with students on projects. 

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I-90 Corridor


AIM Photonics Academy is working closely with the state of Massachusetts to build a base in integrated manufacturing along the I-90 corridor, from Boston to Pittsfield to Albany and Rochester.


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Dear Colleague

Kim Photo

NSF has funding to support research projects that use AIM's fabrication facilities in Albany.

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