Technician Certification

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As new standards and methodologies emerge for integrated photonics manufacturing, the fabrication and testing of such complex circuits is moving out of the university and government laboratory research cleanroom space and into a range of small and medium enterprise production environments with a larger workforce comprised of baccalaureate engineers and technician staff. To sustain a common foundation of skills, essential tasks, and technical knowledge, AIM Photonics Academy offers educational materials and training workshops that meet undergraduate credentialing and technician certification requirements.

In the summer of 2020, Stonehill College and Bridgewater State University will begin offering a certificate and apprenticeship program for photonics technicians.  AIM Academy is working with both schools to develop curriculum, form partnerships with companies and create a technician boot camp offering at MIT. 

AIM Photonics Academy offers training in fabrication, assembly and test, and practice experiences through online and on-site training at the baccalaureate and technician level; our curriculum is informed and organized by the findings of our workforce assessment research. Led by our partners at Stonehill College and Bridgewater State University, we are creating online instructional modules and workshops to train students in the assembly and layout of Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) fabrication runs and the Test, Assembly, and optical Packaging (TAP) of photonic integrated circuits produced during these runs. 

AIM Photonics Academy also serves as a gateway for deploying university undergraduates and community college students as interns with AIM member companies, creating multiple career education paths for broadening and diversifying the integrated photonics workforce across the industry supply chain.

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