Workforce Needs Assessment

integrated photonic electro-optic circuits

AIM Photonics integrated photonic electro-optic circuits (designed by RIT Integrated Photonics Group and Precision Optical Transceivers)

To meet the needs of the emerging manufacturing integrated photonics industry, AIM Academy talked to and surveyed more than 100 stakeholders in the field, including industry, academia, and the military. The stakeholders ranged from human resource managers to executives in integrated photonics. The authors of the 2016 Needs Assessment Report looked at the skills and education levels where the most training is needed in integrated photonics manufacturing to advance the industry.

You can download the executive summary of the 2016 report,  as well as the entire report.

AIM Academy 2017 Regional Workforce Needs Assessment

AIM Academy is planning its portfolio of educational and workforce training products based on these insights. Companies are struggling to fill design jobs that require PhDs, as well as testing, quality control, and design jobs that require a community college or college degree. To respond to that need, AIM Academy is committing significant resources to these areas. Its 2017 products will include test and design education and training packages.

Currently, AIM Academy is conduct an even more thorough analysis of the industry, this time breaking out its results by region. This regional focus will allow educational institutions to align their skills training with the demands of local companies eager to hire their graduates.

If you are part of the manufacturing integrated photonics industry, we would love to hear from you. Your insights will help AIM Academy support the next generation of engineers, scientists, and technicians interested in pursuing careers in integrated photonics.

We highly encourage you to participate in the workforce needs assessment study.

What will you be interviewed about?

  • Company's relation to photonics manufacturing
  • Technical & professional skills required for jobs
  • Current and desired training models
  • Company's desired interaction with AIM Photonics & AIM Academy
  • Current job openings and internship opportunities


How can you get involved? Please contact the Assessment Team Leader in your state to participate:

Massachusetts (and the rest of the country, except California and New York)


The AIM Photonics West Coast Headquarter at UC Santa Barbara is leading the implementation of Education and Workforce Development initiatives in the State of California in partnership with UCSB’s Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships (CSEP), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), SUNY Polytechnic (SUNY), and the University of Arizona (UA).

New York

The Photonics and Optics Workforce Education Research (POWER) Group at Rochester Institute of Technology is leading the NY State workforce needs assessment. The POWER group is an interdisciplinary team of education researchers that develops insights through interviews and surveys with professional engineers and scientists in industry and academia. The team is studying how a variety of competencies (technical skills, problem solving, communication, etc.) are utilized and trained for in higher education and in the workplace. In addition to working with AIM Academy, the group is also working on a Rochester-region optics study, a national scale STEM careers study, and a study on innovation and entrepreneurship training within physics.