Webinar: Mid-Infrared Materials and Devices on a Silicon Platform


Chalcogenide alloys claim broadband infrared (IR) transparency, covering short wavelength infrared, or SWIR, to long wavelength infrared, or LWIR; extraordinarily high refractive indices (n > 5); large Kerr nonlinearity; Si backend processing compatibility; and monolithic integration capacity on almost all substrate materials. These properties make them attractive materials for many IR photonic applications. 

In this talk, Anuradha (Anu) Agarwal, Ph.D., a principal research scientist at MIT, will review her group’s work in the field of integrated photonics enabled by thermally evaporated chalcogenide materials.  She will discuss her group’s development of mid-IR transparent chalcogenide waveguide spirals integrated with mid-IR absorbing polycrystalline PbTe detectors for optical sensing on a monolithic silicon platform. She will also discuss her group’s development of a universal design theory for multispectral detection in imaging applications, and her group’s demonstration of fully functional mid-IR resonant-cavity-enhanced (RCE) photodetectors monolithically integrated with Si ROICs. 

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