Application Interest Groups


Interested in collaborating with industry and academic partners on state-of-the-art prototype application-specific chips?  AIM Photonics will support you. 

AIM Academy currently supports a consortium of eight companies and two universities that are prototyping a mid-board optical interconnection link.  (Click here for the project’s overall technical plan, and here for a description of iNEMI’s collaborative role).

The 18-month consortium has 3 phases: (i) product specification based on system requirements; (ii) evaluation of options and gaps; (iii) prototype creation and evaluation. Ideally, the team will implement within AIM facilities the design, fab/package and characterization from skills and insights gained in the edX course and the 2018 IPSR study.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the below application areas:

Datacom, Madeleine Glick
RF Arrays, Sajan Saini
Sensors, Anu Agarwal
LIDAR, Kazumi Wada