Research Apprenticeship

Air Force
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH
PhD Required

Research is being conducted in the Ultrafast Photonics Devices and Research Laboratory on Integrated Photonic Devices and Systems. Opportunities to contribute to this work include (but are not limited to) (1) investigations into performance improvements of any underlying integrated photonic circuit component (e.g., improving the spur-free dynamic range of modulators and/or detectors); (2) characterizing state-of-the-art devices using an extensive array of test and measurement equipment to frequencies above 100 GHz with the goal of improving the performance of these devices and understanding their trade-offs when used to build systems; (3) designing and simulating DOD-relevant systems to be fabricated through a number of small companies and/or via the future multi-project wafer runs to be made available through AIM Photonics; and (4) developing robust packaging solutions to enable more efficient test and measurement of devices and systems, as well as to facilitate the transition of integrated photonic circuits to users for system insertion characterization.

Overall, opportunities exist to contribute in this area experimentally, theoretically, and/or through simulations depending on the individual’s background and interest level.


Integrated photonics; High-speed test and measurement; Electronic-photonic system design and simulation; Laser dynamics; Robust packaging; Low-noise oscillators; Tunable oscillators; Nonlinear optics;


Citizenship: Open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents

Level: Open to Postdoctoral and Senior applicants

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