Optical Test/Electrical Test Engineer

AIM Photonics Institute
Rochester, New York
BS Required

This position is to be filled with an applicant that can collaborate with a cross-functional multi-diverse team supporting photonics and electronic integrated circuit technologies.

SUNY is looking for an experienced optical test engineer to characterize and validate performance of silicon-based active and passive integrated photonic devices for efficient optical interconnects. The applicant will be part of the photonics component development team and own device testing at the die-level, wafer-level, and subsystem level. This job requires work closely with manufacturing, development, and reliability groups.  The Test engineer will define and develop test methods to demonstrate and debug the design rules, the package designs, the subcomponent integration steps and the process flows as well as validate the design rules at both the silicon electronic and active optical and the package assembly levels. 

The Test engineer should develop and qualify the test protocols have demonstrated capability to write or revise test programs as needed.  Skills with creating algorithms in Python are desired. The Test engineer will plan and execute experiments, analyze test data, conduct data reviews, and make recommendations including for failure analysis, debugging unexpected results and discrepancies. Demonstration of previous experience with wafer level and board level final test yield issues for root cause corrective actions.

  • Prepare reports summarizing the analysis of the results.
  • Provide the above support across multiple projects simultaneously, maintaining both project schedules and measurement dependability   
  • Perform the above in both ordinary lab spaces as well as clean room facilities. Follow all cleanliness and safety requirements.
  • Other reasonable duties as assigned

You can apply for the position here.