Internship Program

Are you looking for an internship in integrated photonics? You can search the listings below by company and keyword. The internships are entered by companies, and AIM Academy is not responsible for their accuracy.

Recent Postings

Naval Research Laboratory
Washington, DC 203755321
PhD Required

We are investigating the scientific and technological properties of nanophotonic devices and nano-optomechanical systems. The high-index contrast, small feature sizes, and low loss afforded by new precision lithography in semiconductors and related materials enable the creation and study of entirely new types of nanophotonic optical devices. Our research ranges from fundamental scientific investigations to device development.

Air Force
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH
PhD Required

Research is being conducted in the Ultrafast Photonics Devices and Research Laboratory on Integrated Photonic Devices and Systems.

IEC Electronics
Rochester, NY

To provide support in the completion of the Dynamic Research and Testing Laboratory (DRTL) testing as required by the client requirements.  The Device Analyst has overall responsibility for incoming inspection, optical microscopy, cross-sectioning, decapsulation, wire pull, die shear, seal, PIND, and XRF.  The Analyst will receive work assignments from the Laboratory Manager.