Fiber Attach Engineer

AIM Photonics Institute
Rochester, New York
BS Required

This position is to be filled with an applicant that can collaborate with a cross-functional, diverse team supporting photonics and electronic integrated circuit technologies.

SUNY Poly is looking for a process / packaging engineer to join our packaging process engineering team to support manufacturing and development of optical fiber attach to semiconductor-based optics/optoelectronic components. This engineer will sustain the process and equipment of wafer optical packaging for fiber optic components involving optical coupling and alignment between optical fibers and optoelectronic devices and, process development for such alignment and packaging.

Hands-on experience is required in fiber optic packaging, including knowledge of packaging materials, mechanical components and sub-assembly design and modeling, optical components attachment methods and materials, as well as other package assembly processes including the design and implementation of fixtures for alignment, mounting and probing photonic components and fiber systems during the development phase.

Expertise is required in optical alignment systems and processes to operate high-precision semi-automated and manual equipment in the assembly of single mode and ribbon optical fiber bonding to silicon photonics chips with UV and thermal adhesives for producing rapid-prototypes and development of volume production processes of photonic assemblies.

Clean room experience is desirable as well as being able to operate in a dynamic start-up environment.

Other reasonable duties as assigned.

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