Online Courses

Coming in the spring of 2018

Learn the best-practices and emerging standards for a new manufacturing methodology to produce thousands of photonics devices within a single photonic integrated circuit (PIC), using AIM Photonics’ state-of-the-art fabrication facility, located at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

In the spring of 2018, AIM Photonics Academy will release an online edX course that trains students over a two-month period in the design challenges to model and layout a PIC comprised of passive and active components. The course will enable students to master the Process Design Kit (PDK) as a novel approach to fabricating PICs, one that leverages the parallel production process of Multi-Project Wafer Runs (MPWs) with the statistical analysis practices of modern manufacturing. 

Shortly after, our follow-up edX course on electronic-photonic integration will train students in PDK for the design and layout of more ambitious PICs that combine the computing power of microelectronics with the communications capacity of photonics, using advanced integration designs such as interposers.

Both edX courses will be organized around a design-build project that allows students to submit their PICs for fabrication to an MPW run with AIM Photonics, followed by post-fabrication testing.