Student Resources

Rainbow Prism

Felice Frankel, MIT

AIM Photonics Academy’s mission is to function as a one-stop educational resource for students from various levels of academia; and for an industry workforce retraining itself in photonics or adjacent industries.

Our educational materials address two diverse audiences:

  • Academia: graduate or undergraduate university level, community college, and high school; and
  • Industry: researchers, circuit designers, engineers, technicians, and management.

Our content can be accessed as online learning modules for self-paced learning by students and by an industry workforce (coming in summer 2017); and as online certificate courses with edX (available in fall 2017).

In addition, we produce a podcast (forthcoming) and webinars that draw upon AIM Photonics activities and technical projects to articulate various findings from the Roadmap and Workforce needs assessment research.