Teaching Packages

The below teaching packages are for those intending to teach this content to students or professionals. Materials can include module blueprints, slides with instructor notes, and questions with answers.

Integrated Photonics

Integrated Silicon Photonics
Integrated silicon photonics

Integrated Silicon Photonics provides an introduction to optical confinement and waveguide constraints for a planar CMOS-compatible platform, followed by a review of the performance criteria for key passive/active planar devices, materials science or device physics insights for their chip integration, and leading-edge device designs and performance achievements.

When you click on the below link to download the teaching package, you will be first asked to fill out a survey, and then a terms-of-use agreement, and then will be able to download the file.

Photonics Materials and Devices
Monolithic Magneto-optic Isolator

There are seven modules within Photonic Materials and Devices:

M1 - Fundamentals
M2 - Materials and Passive Devices
M3 - Photonic Crystals
M4 - Materials Processing
M5 - Materials and Active Devices
M6 - Integration
M7 - Nanoscale Photonics

They can be used individually, or in sequence from one to seven, which would make a semester-length offering - however best meets the needs of the students and instructor.

The modules will be posted shortly.  You can download a complete description of each of the modules.


Design of Photonic Integrated Devices and Circuits
Si Photonic Circuit

Design of Photonic Integrated Devices and Circuits provides learners with approaches for designing photonic integrated devices and circuits using available photonic design automation tools, and how the essential building blocks, such as various passive and active devices, are combined to form various photonic integrated circuits.

The teaching package will be posted soon.