Design Kit Development Engineer

AIM Photonics Institute
Albany, New York
BS Required

This position is to be filled with an applicant that can collaborate with a cross-functional team from industry, academia and government with a focus on providing process design kit (PDK) development expertise and design application support for photonics and electronic integrated circuit technologies.

Specifically, the applicant will  develop design rule checking (DRC) methodologies and rule decks for multiple technologies (e.g., silicon photonics and interposers) under the umbrella of the American Institute for Manufacturing integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics) in the domain of Electronic-Photonic Design Automation (EPDA). The applicant should be able to effectively use appropriate software including Mentor Calibre products. The applicant should also have the ability to effectively write portions of the PDK documentation. It is expected that the engineer will work towards a defect-free enablement environment and update / correct AIM Photonics PDKs on a regular basis. It is desired that the applicant will also have experience with aspects of PDK development beyond DRCs (e.g., LVS, parasitic extraction, etc.), pre-fab verification of customer designs (fab tape-in analysis), and experience working with MPW aggregators (e.g., MOSIS).

Additionally, the successful applicant will provide application, integration and verification support for PDK usage with AIM Photonics' customers and their designs. The candidate must have customer oriented communication skills and be able to represent the PDKs to the various design teams (AIM customers) working in this space. Other reasonable duties as assigned.

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