3D Packaging Technology Engineer

AIM Photonics Institute
Rochester, New York
BS Required

The 3D technology integration engineer responsibility will entail completing 2.5D/3D photonic packages fabricated at SUNY Poly by providing system level packaged solutions developed and fabricated at our Rochester AIM test assembly and packaging facility

This position is to be filled with an applicant that can collaborate with a cross-functional multi-diverse team that will encompass system design, silicon photonics fabrication and 3D integration while providing package assembly and test solutions to AIM Photonics customers.

Specifically, the applicant will be responsible to work with the silicon photonics team at SUNY Poly in Albany to develop packaging prototypes leading to small volume manufacturing at the Rochester packaging facility.   The applicant should have a working knowledge of organic and Silicon packaging as well as solder systems used for chip scale packaging.   The 3D packaging engineer should be able to develop state of the art packaging solutions that are cost effective and advance photonic packaging technology.

The applicant will have responsibility for the device specifications of photonic integrated devices, assisting characterization, verification, and qualification of the photonic devices within the technology.  Experience related to packaging of 3D integrated technology is highly desired.  The applicant should have a working knowledge of solder systems, plating technology, underfill/overmold technology and classical laminate packages.

The applicant should also have the ability to build full integrated routes with preferred experience in SiVIEW.  

Other reasonable duties as assigned.

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