What is Integrated Photonics?

Integrated photonics uses complex optical circuits to process and transmit signals of light, similar to the routing of electrical signals in a computer microchip. In contrast to the electrical transmission in a microchip, a photonic integrated circuit can transmit multiple information channels simultaneously using different wavelengths of light with minimal interference and energy loss to enable high-bandwidth, low-power communications. Breakthrough applications in datacom, RF signal processing, biosensing, and driverless technologies increasingly rely on the functionality of integrated photonics.

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IPSR Roadmap

Felice Frankel photo

Photo by Felice Frankel, MIT

Download the Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap (IPSR). Technology roadmapping is the process of creating a shared industry vision for future product standards and fabrication methodologies. 

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Job Postings

Wave guide

Scroll through job openings in the field of integrated photonics.  And contact us if you have job openings you would like us to post on our site and in our newsletters.


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Photonic Integrated Circuit

Entangled bi-photon source designed by the RIT Integrated Photonics Group and fabricated by AIM Photonics. Acknowledgements: AFRL, NSF and Precision Optical Transceivers

Videos from our Fall 2017 Roadmap Meeting are now posted. Learn about the PIC manufacturing infrastructure.

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Teaching Packages

Electro-optically tunable delay device made by the RIT Integrated Photonics Group

Electro-optically tunable delay device made by the RIT Integrated Photonics Group

Download AIM Photonics Academy teaching packages in integrated photonics.

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Application Prototypes Labs

optical testing

Optical testing of an AIM Photonic interposer chip designed by the RIT Integrated Photonics Group

AIM Academy launched its Lab for Education & Application Prototypes (LEAP) on MIT’s campus, allowing professors at MIT to incorporate hands-on integrated photonics lessons into their syllabi, and for companies to work directly with students on projects. 

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Needs Assessment Report

photonic electro-optic circuit

AIM Photonics integrated photonic electro-optic circuits (designed by RIT Integrated Photonics Group and Precision Optical Transceivers)

Download the 2017 Needs Assessment Report to learn about the skills and education levels where the most training is needed in integrated photonics manufacturing to advance the industry.

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